‘Envisioning Our World’ Selected as Official Art for the 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards

March 26, 2024

Yurak, Inuk-Kichwa Artist, aims to empower and celebrate Indigenous Entrepreneurs through illustration

Pow Wow Pitch, an Indigenous-led non-profit organization that empowers and supports Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced the selection of artist Yurak’s work ‘Envisioning Our World,’ as the official art of the 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards.

About ‘Envisioning our World’

The artwork ‘Envisioning Our World’ is a digital illustration that captures a poignant moment of wearing iggaait 𑁋 Inuit snow goggles, depicting the split-second sensation of putting them on. The artist describes the experience of slightly blurring vision as the goggles come closer to the eyes, then focusing on the slits to see clearly. The motion of putting on the goggles is intended to evoke a sense of empowerment and cultural pride. Through this artwork, Yurak aims to challenge societal norms and encourages the embrace of cultural identity for Indigenous peoples.

Yurak shares personal reflections on the significance of cultural expression and self-identity,emphasizing the importance of living out culture and challenging colonial boundaries. The artist intends to promote the visibility and use of iggaait as a symbol of cultural resilience. Additionally, the artwork serves as a celebration of Indigenous entrepreneurship and a testament to cultural innovation through art and creativity of Indigenous communities.

The piece embodies hope and empowerment for Indigenous people pursuing entrepreneurship, reflecting the artist's deep love for life and commitment to elevating Inuit art and culture. Yurak's artistic journey is rooted in a profound appreciation for living, driving them to create art that fosters a sense of communal belonging and celebrates Indigenous brilliance.

About Yurak

Yurak is a non-binary, multi-disciplinary artist based out of Iqaluit, Nunavut. Their anaana, Aluki Kotierk is Inuk from Iglulik, Nunavut and their ataata, Mauricio Rojas, is Kichwa from Peguche, Ecuador. 

Yurak has been a creative all their life. Starting with drawing portraits in middle school they quickly moved into paints, lino prints, and pottery as they took several art classes in High School. In 2020 they created their first exhibition on the side of their childhood house for the community to view. Since March of 2023 they have been a full time artist, providing digital illustrations, printing workshops, and stick and poke tattooing as their main services. They sell their prints, hoodies and beadwork at community craft fairs. Overall Yurak creates to elevate Inuit self-love and celebrate Inuit brilliance through their artistic vision.  

For more information on art from Yurak, visit inuitartfoundation.org/profiles/artist/Yurak.

About the Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards

Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards to celebrate excellence and outstanding achievement of Indigenous entrepreneurship. The 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards are presented in partnership with RBC, Shopify, and Mastercard, in collaboration with Export Development Canada, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, and Sklar Wilton & Associates. Indigenous entrepreneurs and Indigenous-owned businesses across Turtle Island can apply or nominate others for their entrepreneurial perseverance, growth, impact and example as true Indigenous icons.

Applications and nominations for the 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards open April 3, 2024. For more information, visit powwowpitch.org/awards.