The Pow Wow Pitch Startup Program supports Indigenous entrepreneurs with on-demand and live training, free tools and resources, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to distribute products and services through the Pow Wow Pitch Box mailer and partner community. We are pulling out all the stops to rally for your success.

How to Nail Your Pitch
Presented in partnership with Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
Learn how to master your pitch for Pow Wow Pitch and pitch to partners, customers and investors.

How to Find Support for Your Business
Presented in partnership with Innovation Canada
Learn how to use to explore programs available for Indigenous entrepreneurs. Click here for the presentation deck.

Indigenous Pathways to Global Markets
Presented in partnership with Export Development Canada
Learn about resources available to export, go global and build a global expansion plan that works. Click here for the presentation deck.

How to Master the Finances of Your Business
Presented in partnership with BDC
Learn how to improve your company’s finances, get the financing you need, and avoid common mistakes when borrowing money.

Aboriginal Financial Institutions
Presented in partnership with NACCA
Learn about AFIs and how they can support you to start and grow your business.

Pitching to Buyers and Distributing Your Product
Presented in partnership with Raven Reads
Learn how to get buyers like Raven Reads to select your product for distribution and develop strategic partnerships to distribute your products to your customers.

How to Fund Your Innovative Business
Presented in partnership with Innovative Solutions Canada
Learn the details, eligibility and process of two government funding streams to support your R&D and test prototypes in real-life settings. Click here for the presentation.

Why A Website & Online Brand Matter
Presented in partnership with CIRA
Learn why you need to build your business beyond social media and how a website, brand and domain can take your business and idea to the next level.

Tools to Run Your Business Online
Presented in partnership with Square
Learn about Square’s ecosystem of tools to help you to run and grow your business anywhere, anytime.

How to Ship
Presented in partnership with Canada Post
Learn how to get your products shipped efficiently and reliably. From packaging and labelling to pick-ups and tracking, develop an effective end-to-end process.

Using Mentorship to Grow Your Business
Presented in partnership with RBC
Learn how to find and make the most of mentors for you and your business.

How to Plan Your Business Expenses
Presented in partnership with RBC
Learn how to use an SME Benchmarking Tool to forecast your business expenses.

Digital Learning Hub

Boost with Facebook

Establish Your Presence on Facebook and Instagram

A step-by-step guide on how to create a business Page on Facebook or a business account on Instagram. Learn best practices for setting up your online presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Raise Awareness of Your Business Offerings

When you share content showcasing your offerings, you can raise awareness of your business. Learn how posts, stories and live video on Facebook and Instagram can help.



Creating a Virtual Storefront with Shops

Create a safe and convenient shopping experience for your customers on Facebook and Instagram. Learn how you can set up your shop, add products and customize your shop's look and feel.



Attracting Customers with WhatsApp Business

Learn how you can use the WhatsApp Business app to create a digital storefront and communicate more effectively with your customers.



Host Paid Online Events

Bring more of your business online by hosting paid online events. Learn how you can use these online events to connect with existing customers as well as with a broader geographic audience.



Create Ads From Your Facebook Page

Reach more people beyond your own followers by creating ads directly from your Facebook Page.