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Pow Wow Pitch is a grassroots community of Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island, purpose-built to provide a safe, collaborative, supportive and empowering platform for inspiration, education, mentorship, celebration, and reconciliation through entrepreneurship.

We enhance, develop and accelerate growth for current and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through programs and resources. Our programs are rooted in community leadership through volunteerism as a reflection of respect and reciprocity.


It’s about People. Our vision is for every Indigenous entrepreneur to feel supported by a community cheering them on as they take action on their ideas and build businesses rooted in Indigenous culture.

Our mission is to provide platforms, programs and resources to support Indigenous entrepreneurs to start and grow thriving and sustainable businesses that make a difference.



Pow Wow is a place to meet, dance, sing, honour our culture and trade. Indigenous people have the ideas to make a difference in their communities across Turtle Island and the world. Pow Wow Pitch is our platform to grow our social impact and support one another as a community.



Kwey, my name is Sunshine Tenasco, and I’m from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg.

I started Pow Wow Pitch because I believe entrepreneurship is the path to self-sufficiency. Entrepreneurship is a big part of Indigenous heritage. We used to call it trade— we are just reawakening to entrepreneurship.

Being on Dragons Den changed my life path. When Brett Wilson and Arlene Dickinson (two very influential business people) invested and believed in me, it gave me the courage to continue my entrepreneurship journey. I hope that Pow Wow Pitch helps to give that gift to someone else. I love seeing entrepreneurs succeed.


The Board of Directors is comprised of a group of accomplished Indigenous entrepreneurs and alumni of Pow Wow Pitch, as well as legal and financial experts, who are dedicated to ensuring good governance and financial stewardship of the organization.

Sunshine Tenasco

Founder & Chair, Pow Wow Pitch

Jennifer Harper

CEO, Cheekbone Beauty

Michaelee Lazore

CEO, Sequoia

Harlan Kingfisher

CEO, Smudge the Blades


The Pow Wow Pitch Advisory Board comprises industry and government leaders who support Indigenous entrepreneurship and help guide the organization's ongoing growth and impact.

Jennifer M. Sloan

VP, Public Policy, Mastercard Canada

Gina Wilson

Deputy Minister, Women and Gender Equality

Kyle St-Amour-Brennan

Indigenous Programs, Shopify

Aaron Martyniw

VP Commercial Markets, Winnipeg, RBC

Debbie Reid

Indigenous Policy Lead, Meta

Shannin Metatawabin


Darian Kovacs

CEO, Jelly Marketing


Lennox Innovations Inc., in collaboration with Signature Motion Corp., manages Pow Wow Pitch with the support of a passionate and committed team consisting of both full-time members and project-specific collaborators.

Victoria Lennox, MSM

Executive Director

Brett Burrow

Programs Coordinator

Keely Thompson-Cook

Communications Coordinator

Cyprian Szalankiewicz, MSM

Creative Producer

Matt Nahdee

Alumni Fund Director

Nicole McLaren

Pow Wow Pitch Box Director

Suzette Amaya

Pow Wow Pitch Host

Karla Briones

Entrepreneur Pitch Coach

Kegona Tenasco

Pow Wow Pitch Support

Amber Asp-Chief

Pow Wow Pitch Support

Mike Sullivan

Web Developer