Export Development Canada (EDC) is a financial Crown corporation dedicated to helping Canadian
companies of all sizes succeed on the world stage. We are proud to partner with Pow Wow Pitch to
support Indigenous entrepreneurs to start global businesses from day one.

Export Development Canada Resources for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Indigenous Business at EDC

EDC is committed to building strong, sustained partnerships with Indigenous-owned and -led businesses of all sizes. Learn more about how we can help your company grow internationally.

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About Exporting: A Step-by-step Guide

Businesses of all sizes can find new customers beyond Canada’s borders. Whether you’re exporting products, services or experiences, discover the next step for your business.

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EDC Select Credit Insurance

If a customer doesn’t pay you, we’ll cover 90% of your insured losses. Until the end of 2021, EDC Select Credit Insurance is available to all Canadian businesses, whether your customer is in Canada or abroad.

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Export Guarantee Program

Find out how the EDC Export Guarantee Program can help you manage cash flow, support international investments, and grow your business outside of Canada.

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Business Credit Availability Program Guarantee

Get the cash flow you need to help you through the COVID-19 pandemic by working with your financial institution and EDC.

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Canada's Trade Accelerator Program

Succeed in export markets faster with the Trade Accelerator Program, an in-depth workshop session for enhanced export knowledge.

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MyEDC Highlights

EDC Export Help Hub

Get detailed, expert answers to your questions about how to build a business continuity plan for COVID-19, run a remote workforce, structure your business, and start exporting.

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EDC Company InSight

Search thousands of companies and check a potential partner’s identity as the first step in building your export-ready relationships.

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Webinar: Access Capital

How Indigenous companies can get support for exporting: Learn about programs to access capital and enter new markets.

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Webinar: Global Operations

Going global: How to find success in international markets and discover the right approach for your company to set up international operations.

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Webinar: Global Retail

Exceeding post-COVID-19 customer expectations: Discover the future of retail and how to use technology to evolve your customers into advocates.

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Downloadable Guides and Blogs

8 Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

COVID-19 has increased business owners' drive to succeed, but you still worry that taking on big contracts leaves your business more vulnerable to not getting paid. Get our free guide with expert tips on how to mitigate your risk of non-payment. Learn more

COVID-19 Cash Flow Guide

Accessing and managing cash flow is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. This guide gives you straightforward advice, with tips and tools to improve your company’s cash flow and take your next steps. Learn more

Business Recovery and Resilience Guide

Get practical solutions and expertise to help create business resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Learn more

The New E-commerce: An Eight-part Series to Help Your Company Thrive

The growing trend towards online buying and browsing is expected to continue even after the pandemic slows. Learn how to manage changes to the e-commerce landscape and how to keep your company’s competitive edge. Learn more

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Guide

Get an overview of the basics about intellectual property and how to protect yours when expanding to new markets. Learn more