PHOTO: Photo of Steven Paul Judd submitted by Steven Paul Judd and 2024 Pow Wow Pitch Box Artwork titled, 'All My Relations.'

Steven Paul Judd’s ‘All My Relations’ Artwork Announced as Official Selection for 2024 Pow Wow Pitch Box

April 17, 2024

Steven Paul Judd, Kiowa and Choctaw, from Oklahoma, embodies Indigenous identity and art entrepreneurship in feature piece

Pow Wow Pitch, an Indigenous-led non-profit organization that empowers and supports Indigenous entrepreneurs with access to capital, mentorship, training, and support, presented in partnership with RBC, Shopify, and Mastercard Canada, announced the selection of artist Steven Paul Judd’s piece ‘All My Relations’ as the official art for the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch Box, a mailer box featuring quality products created by early-stage Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Pow Wow Pitch provides emerging Indigenous-owned businesses with the opportunity to gain exposure and recognition, and access support, mentorship, and funding to take their business to the next level. The Pow Wow Pitch Box is a collaborative initiative of Pow Wow Pitch to procure products from the Indigenous entrepreneurs it supports and to provide a platform for the entrepreneurs to reach hundreds of new customers.

Each year, Pow Wow Pitch collaborates with leading Indigenous artists to feature their work on the design of the Box itself and this year, it approached Steven Paul Judd for the collaboration following a longstanding admiration of his art and his entrepreneurial impact across Turtle Island.

Steven Paul Judd is Kiowa and Choctaw from Oklahoma. He is a filmmaker, director, screenwriter, fiction author, and visualist. As a prolific visualist, Steven’s mash-ups of Native experiences and pop art encourages thought-provoking themes while embracing humour. His creations include paintings, prints, poster art, photography, and t-shirt designs. Judd is a business partner of, a premium Native American streetwear clothing line, and he frequently travels for speaking engagements and to teach workshops on stop-motion animation and mosaic painting at schools and universities across the United States. 

About ‘All My Relations’

‘All My Relations’ is a mosaic portrait to honour the Indigenous Nations, each with their own unique culture, from their music and food to their songs and language. Originally an acrylic piece on a 7’3” x 7’3” canvas, the mosaic portrait has evolved as a digital illustration. Incorporating an incredible use of beautiful colours to represent the diversity and vibrancy of all Nations across Turtle Island. 

Speaking to the diversity among Indigenous peoples, Steven’s message amplifies the celebration of culture at the root of Indigenous entrepreneurship and business while recognizing the unique challenges most face. 

“Being an Indigenous entrepreneur, we may face unique challenges related to access to resources and market opportunities,” shared Steven. “However, I have noticed in my own journey the overwhelming support Indian Country gives to Native-run business and I’m excited to see so many draw from their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and community values in their business endeavors.”

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On his collaboration with the Pow Wow Pitch Box, Steven shares the following, “I wanted to work with Pow Wow Pitch on the Pitch Box because of their work in empowering Native entrepreneurs, fostering economic independence, and identifying untapped potential within Indigenous communities.”

“Pow Wow Pitch is incredibly proud to welcome Steven to this year’s Pow Wow Pitch Box,” said Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director of Pow Wow Pitch. “I have been following Steven for a long time and his artwork speaks so profoundly of walking in two worlds, bringing Native humour to thought provoking pop art themes. His artwork tells stories, and his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are truly inspirational and so important to our collective actualization and celebration of who we are as Indigenous peoples. I’m excited for everyone to experience ‘All My Relations’ and bring a piece of Steven’s art into their lives through the Pow Wow Box.”

With ‘All My Relations,’ Steven’s work is set to empower and celebrate a new wave of Indigenous entrepreneurs to reach new heights and opportunities through the Pow Wow Pitch Box.

Pre-orders for the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch Box are open now until June 30, 2024 at