Pursue your dreams

October 13, 2023

Jaret Smith is Shaping a Fashion Legacy with Unparalleled Clothing Company Inc.

From the community of the Métis Nation of Alberta to the broader fashion world, Jaret Smith, Founder of Unparalleled Clothing Company, and a 2023 Aritzia Fashion Grant Recipient, shares his journey into entrepreneurship and the milestones of his Pow Wow Pitch experience.

Jaret’s business, Unparalleled Clothing Company, grew from a university project and his genuine belief in quality. “I chose the name Unparalleled because of its definition of ‘having no parallel or equal,’” Jaret expressed. The essence of the name ‘Unparalleled’ stemmed from his perspective of life’s diverse pathways. “When I look at everyone’s life, I see that we all have different obstacles to go through to get to where we are. We have all had different paths.” 

Unparalleled Clothing Co. is more than a clothing brand, it is a movement. As Jaret puts, “I believe in quality. I am driven to give people quality products and exceptional customer service.” With ambitious dreams of becoming the ‘Indigenous Nike,’ Jaret aspires not only to make a mark in the fashion industry but also to inspire Indigenous youth. “We aren’t here to just take part in business, we are here to take over,” he confidently shares.

This entrepreneurial journey speaks volumes of Jaret’s grit and determination for Indigenous fashion. “We have our own culture, we have our own sense of style and design. Everyone’s art comes in different forms,” Jaret remarked.

Jaret Smith’s venture into Pow Wow Pitch showcased his dedication and vision for Unparalleled Clothing Company Inc. Winning the Aritzia Indigenous Fashion Grant, he plans to enhance his inventory, introducing higher-end sample pieces for the upcoming spring/summer collection.

To budding Indigenous entrepreneurs, Jaret offers, “Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. Fashion is an accessible business to get into, but a hard business to remain in. This business is full of trial and error, but if you do your homework, you can create great products.”

At its core, Unparalleled Clothing offers more than just apparel. It represents a dream and a mission. For Jaret, every design is an emblem of the Indigenous culture and their unparalleled journeys.

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