Thank you for your support of the 2022 Pow Wow Pitch Program. This page is a hub for information and coordination of Pow Wow Pitch partners as we navigate through the 2022 Pow Wow Pitch Program. This page is updated in real-time as details are confirmed and is the most up-to-date source for information.


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Pow Wow Pitch is an entrepreneurship program for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, which provides a safe, supportive, collaborative, empowering and culturally supportive environment that addresses the unique challenges of Indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs. Pow Wow Pitch enhances, develops and accelerates the growth for current and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through programs and resources. Community leadership through volunteerism is promoted as a reflection of respect and reciprocity as the foundation of the Pow Wow Pitch. For more information, visit


Partners are welcome to submit content for inclusion in our monthly eNewsletter, with more than 35,000 subscribers. Content should include

  • A high-res image (width - 1030px, height 515px - 1030px).
  • A short title.
  • Approximately 50 words of text.
  • A web link to learn more.

Content submitted will also be promoted through the Pow Wow Pitch social media channels as appropriate. Please email with any content by the dates below. 

eNewsletter Content Deadline eNewsletter Release Date
April 4Complete:
May 2Complete:
May 31Complete:
July 4Complete:
Aug 1Missed
Aug 29Complete:
Oct 3Missed
Oct 31Nov 3
Nov 28Dec 1



Please check out our Partners Page and confirm your logo is correct. If you are a new partner, please email your logo, brand guidelines, website link, social media links and boilerplate to by March 15, 2022.


Many of our partners are entitled to have a partner page on our website to showcase your support for Indigenous entrepreneurs and Pow Wow Pitch. If you had a Partner Page from 2021, please review your page and provide revisions by email. If you do not yet have a partner page, feel free to look through the Partner pages below for inspiration. 

Generally, Partner Pages include a logo, website link, social media handles, a boilerplate summary of how your organization supports and serves Indigenous entrepreneurs. You can also have Indigenous-focused stories, resources, events or calls to action that would be relevant for Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs. 

Pow Wow Pitch promotes these pages throughout the Programming season through our social channels. 

Please email revisions to by March 30, 2022. 

PartnerAction Requested
Jelly AcademyCOMPLETE
Sklar Wilton & Associates COMPLETE
Canada Post COMPLETE
MNP Direction required.
RakutenDirection required.
WEKHDirection required.


We love to kick off our Programming Season year with Partner Announcements. All 14 partners are entitled to partner Announcements, including a post on our website and a dedicated day of social media recognition for the Partnership. Pow Wow Pitch will draft the announcement for your review, develop social artwork, and have Sunshine Tenasco record a video. Dates are on a first-come basis. Please email with your preferred dates.

Tues, Mar 29Mastercard - CompleteWed, April 13Sklar Wilton & Associates - Complete
Wed, Mar 30Jelly Academy - CompleteThurs, April 14 MNP - Complete
Thurs, Mar 31Shopify - CompleteWed, April 20 CIRA - Complete
Fri, Apr 1EDC - CompleteThurs, April 21Futurpreneur - Complete
Mon, Apr 4BDC - CompleteWed, April 27 Best Buy - Complete
Mon, Apr 4Nativelovenotes - CompleteThurs, April 28 WEKH - Complete
Wed, Apr 5ITAC - CompleteThurs, May 19Rakuten - Complete
Thurs, Apr 8 Canada Post - CompleteTBAMeta
Fri, Apr 8Mitacs - Complete
Mon, Apr 11NACCA -Complete
Tues, April 12RBC - Complete


The Co-Presenting partners of Pow Wow Pitch are entitled to provide Executive Quotations for the Main Press Releases for Pow Wow Pitch.

AnnouncementQuote Deadline Release DateURL Link
Launch of 2022 Pow Wow Pitch Call for ApplicationsMarch 30 April 6
Launch of the 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards March 30 April 6
Gathering of Nations Winner AnnouncementMay 1May 3
Winnipeg Winner AnnouncementMay 24May 24
Ottawa Winner AnnouncementJune 27June 27
Announcement of 2022 Semi-FinalistsJuly 15 July 21
Kamloops Winner Announcement Jul 22Aug 1
Announcement of 2022 Finalists Sep 9 Sep 19
Announcement of 2022 WinnersOct 14Oct 19In progress
Announcement of 2002 Award WinnersOct 28Nov 3


Throughout the Pow Wow Pitch Season, we have a number of Campaigns. Check back here the last week of March for our Spring Campaigns. We welcome all partners to support us in expanding reach of these opportunities.

April 5 - June 17Pow Wow Pitch Applications
April 5 - June 17Indigenous Entrepreneur Award Applications
April 5 - June 17Pow Wow Pitch Box Pre-Sale
April 5 - April 30Pow Wow Pitch @ Gathering of Nations
April 5 - May 21Pow Wow Pitch @ ManituAbe
April 5 - June 25 Pow Wow Pitch @ Ottawa Summer Solstice Pow Wow
June 26 - July 30 Pow Wow Pitch @ Kamloops
April 7 - June 9Pow Wow InstaPitch
April 7 - Jun 17PowWow TikTokPitch
June 22 - July 11Ask Me Anything
July 25 - July 29Mentor Gratitude
July 21 - Sep 16 Pow Wow Pitch Semi-Finals Registration
July 21 - Sep 19 People's Choice Award Voting
Sep 19 - Oct 19Pow Wow Pitch Grand Finale Registration
Nov 15 - Dec 1 2022 Impact Report


The Co-Presenting partners of Pow Wow Pitch are entitled to have a Podcast advertisement at the top of the Pow Wow Pitch Podcast. Podcast ads should be 15-30 seconds in length. Partners can provide .MP3 or .WAV audio files no later than March 30th or have Pow Wow Pitch draft a script for your approval and have Sunshine Tenasco record the advertisement(s). The podcast airs bi-weekly, starting April 7th, with 15 episodes.


This Year, Pow Wow Pitch will host 9 Virtual Semi-Finals and 5 In-Person Pow Wow Pitch events, leading to a Grand Finale Pow Wow Pitch. We have a very ambitious year ahead with a goal of 2,500 Indigenous entrepreneur Pitchers, a fantastic lineup of Judges and Mentors, and more than $150,000 in cash prizes. 2022 will be topped off with the 2nd Annual Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards, the Pow Wow Pitch Box, the Pow Wow Pitch Marketplace launch, and Pow Wow Pitch New Zealand in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

Judges and Mentors will receive a briefing email and calendar invitations upon registration. In July, Judge and Mentor profiles will be added to the website and they will receive their Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts.

Judge Registration  | Judge Briefing (Deadline June 30) 

Mentor Registration | Mentor Briefing (Deadline June 30) 


Co-Presenting sponsors have Judge have one seat per semi-final and the Grand Finale. Silver sponsors have two Judge seats between all semi-finals on a first-come basis unless otherwise specified in your agreement. Where possible, we welcome Indigenous associates or individuals who have sector-specific experience.

CategoryJudge Tech ChecksRecording DateAiring Date Judges
Creative - Arts & Entertainment Aug 2-4 Aug 8, 12-2.30 PM ETSep 6 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting + ITAC
TechnologyAug 2-4 Aug 8, 3-5.30 PM ETSep 7 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting
Food & DrinkAug 2-4 Aug 9 12-2.30 PM ETSep 8 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting
Health & WellnessAug 2-4 Aug 9, 3-5.30 PM ETSep 9 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting
TourismAug 2-4 Aug 10,12-2.30 PM ETSep 13 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting + ITAC
Professional Services & TradesAug 2-4 Aug 10, 3-5.30 PM ETSep 14 - 6 PM ET Co-Presenting
Consumer Brands & Products*****Aug 2-4 Aug 11, 12-2.30 PM ETSep 15 - 6 PM ET Co-Presenting
NonProfit/Charity/EducationAug 2-4 Aug 11, 3-5.30 PM ETSep 16 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting
YouthAug 2-4 Aug 13 (Saturday) 12-2.30 PM ETSep 17 (Saturday) - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting
Finale Sep 26 - 28Oct 3, 11:45 - 5 PM ETOct 19 - 6 PM ETCo-Presenting


  • The Mentor Orientation with Sunshine Tenasco takes place July 19 at 1 PM ET 
  • The Semi-Final Mentorship takes place July 25 - 29

Sponsor entitlements

  • Co-Presenting sponsors - up to 25 employee mentors 
  • Silver sponsors - up to 10 employee mentors 
  • Seed sponsors - up to 5 employee mentors 
  • Community - 1 employee mentor


Sponsor entitlements

  • Co-Presenting: 1 Judge for all Locations
  • Silver: 3 Judges in total
  • Seed: 1 Judge


The Finalist Bootcamp and Mentorship take place September 27 from 2 - 5 PM ET involving co-presenting and bespoke partners. 


The following organizations sponsor the Indigenous entrepreneur Awards: RBC, Shopify, Facebook, Mastercard, ITAC and EDC.

Partners sponsoring the Awards will have the opportunity to submit their preferences of who they wish to present an award to. We will send you the names of the entrepreneurs and their profiles on July 19 for you to submit your rankings within one week.

Please register your Award presenter(s) by June 30. Upon registration, we will send the Presenter(s) a calendar invitation for their tech check and a recording of their winner announcement. 

Sponsoring partners are invited to have an ad play before their presentation. Ads are due by July 31, 2022.

Video ad requirments:

We are looking to incorporate a short video that would play at the awards ceremony that you would provide us. The video is a general message about how your organization helps (Indigenous) entrepreneurs. Please see an example here for entrepreneurs more generally from UPS. We are looking for a short 20-30 sec video that is 1920x1080 in resolution in either a .mov or .mp4 video format. Please send along anything you already may have that would fit these criteria. We are NOT looking for a video ad for a specific product or service. We are looking for a culture and identity-building piece and how you support entrepreneurs.

Awards TimelineEvent
April 5Launch
June 17Application Deadline
July 19Partners submit announcement preferences
Aug 4-5Awards Recording
Nov 3Awards Airing & Announcements


July 14, Pow Wow Pitch will partner with Co-Presenting and Silver Partners to host Ask Me Anything Sessions with Indigenous Entrepreneurs recorded and streamed live and available for on-demand access after that. Entitled partners include RBC, Mastercard, Meta, Shopify, BDC, EDC, ITAC, Canada Post, NACCA, Futurpreneur and Jelly. Sessions run 12 PM - 4 PM ET each day. Organizations are invited to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation on a subject followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A with the entrepreneurs. AMAs are meant to be attendee-driven. Sunshine Tenasco will host the Sessions. 



Each partner is entitled to a certain number of Pow Wow Pitch Boxes as part of our partnership. Your boxes have been reserved. Please email with an excel sheet with the fields below by September 30, 2022. Boxes mail out the first week of November. 

Full Name Complete Mailing AddressEmailPhone Number

Sponsor entitlements

  • Co-Presenting Tier 1 (25 Boxes) - Shopify and Mastercard
  • Co-Presenting Tier 2 (10 Boxes) - RBC and Meta 
  • Silver - Tier 1  (5 Boxes) - ITAC, EDC, BDC, Canada Post 
  • Silver - Tier 2 (3 Boxes) - Futurpreneur, NACCA, Jelly 
  • Seed (2 Boxes) - MNP, Sklar Wilton & CIRA 
  • Community (1 Box) - WEKH, Rakuten, Mitacs 

If you require additional boxes, please let us know by June 30th due to limited supply. Additional Boxes are $125 + HST each.


Co-Presenting partners are entitled to have a seat on the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will meet on:

May 10th 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM ET

November 8th 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM ET