PHOTO: Official Pin of the 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards

Jesse Brant, Sapling & Flint Creates 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards Official Pin

Entrepreneur and artist creates heirloom adornments for 2022 Award Winners

Ottawa, ON – November 1, 2022 | Today, Pow Wow Pitch, a non-profit organization that supports and celebrates Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced entrepreneur and designer Jesse Brant, Co-Founder and Lead Jewelry Designer at Sapling and Flint as the creator for the 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards Official Pin.

Sapling and Flint is a jewelry manufacturer specializing in gold and silver designs worn and adored worldwide.

Each of the nine Award Winners of the 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards from across Turtle Island will receive an official sterling silver adornment as an heirloom in recognition of their impact and outstanding achievements.

Jesse Brant shares the following description of the design, materials and vision.

“Patrick Hunter’s ‘Red Rising’ art piece, the official art of the 2022 Awards, inspired my design of this piece.

Traditionally a feather represents unity and responsibility; something that needs to be upheld. When you are given a feather, especially an eagle feather, it comes with a lot of responsibility to take care of it. And most times, they’re earned when they’re gifted to you.

I created a sunburst texture border around the piece as a blackened background to a distinguished and shiny surface.

It is designed to be a lapel pin worn on business attire so that when the entrepreneur wears it, they’re giving that notion that there is responsibility in what they are doing for that day.

It’s a reminder of how precious their business endeavours are, just like a lot of things in life, just like family. Those things are so precious. They need to be taken care of in the same sense that you would take care of an eagle feather.

My vision is for the winners of the Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards to wear their pins with pride and as a reminder that just like the power of the eagle feather, there is responsibility behind it. There are a lot of teachings behind it. It needs to be nourished, just like their business and families do. So when they wear it, I hope it stands for that constant reminder of their responsibility as their business is growing.”

The Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards Digital Gala takes place on November 3rd from 6.00 PM ET to 7:30 PM ET and features a special performance by musician Alicia Kayley and the presentation of the nine Award Winners. Register now to watch the awards and join in the celebration.

The Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards are presented by RBC, Shopify, Meta and Mastercard in collaboration with Export Development Canada and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada.