Get up and do something

August 21, 2023

Natively Vibing: John Halkett’s Journey of Change Through Entrepreneurship

Natively Vibing is an Indigenous streetwear brand focused on making an impact. Under the leadership of its CEO, John Halkett, who belongs to the Little Red River First Nation and lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the brand has grounded itself in the belief in the power of good role models and the importance of supporting the younger generation.

“Our youth need more strong male role models in their life to achieve a balanced lifestyle,” shared Halkett, revealing his motivation behind establishing Natively Vibing. That’s why a significant portion of their earnings, 10% of their profits, is channeled towards this cause. Though starting with clothing, Halkett is excited about the potential routes his company can take in the future. “I want to help heal together,” he emphasized, highlighting his dedication not just to business growth, but to communal healing and unity.

Every entrepreneur encounters highs and lows. For Halkett, the joy lies in the impact he’s making. “The impact I have on our youth & people,” he said, describing the most rewarding aspect of his journey. Yet, starting was challenging, emphasizing that taking the initial steps to bring a vision to life can be the toughest.

John decided to participate in Pow Wow Pitch to gain awareness for his brand, join a community of like-minded Indigenous entrepreneurs, build trust in his brand, to learn and grow. “I’m building the brand with our people first, then I’ll go from there,” he stated, emphasizing the significance of community endorsement and trust in business. “That I made the news feels great as a Semi-Finalist means so much to me,” Halkett remarked, grateful for the acknowledgment of his hard work. 

To those Indigenous individuals contemplating starting a venture, Halkett offers advice: “Instead of complaining and sitting around. Get up and do something.”  This is the very ethos that powers Natively Vibing and underpins Halkett’s own journey.

Wrapping up the conversation, Halkett’s sincerity shone through. “I’m not in it for the money but the positive change we can make together.” This statement underscores his mission and vision for Natively Vibing: a brand committed to fostering change, unity, and a brighter future for all.

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