Use your passion to push through

August 23, 2023

From Floral Arrangements to Vibrant Canvases: Rachel Brimacombe’s Blossoming Entrepreneurial Journey

Through her business ventures, Rachel Brimacombe paints a tale of resilience, adaptability, and a pursuit of passion. A Saskatchewan Métis, Rachel lives in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, is the founder of Lumsden Florist, and is the artistic force behind Valleyside Art

“I started my parent company, Lumsden Florist, in 2009,” Rachel begins, recounting the inception of her initial venture. The pivot into the art world was not a deviation but a rediscovery. “During the pandemic, I rediscovered my love of painting and started Valleyside Art in 2021. It all started with an art show and spiralled from there,” she recalls.

Valleyside Art, as Rachel describes, offers a canvas of fine art paintings, both in their original and print forms. What sets her art apart is the vibrancy of its nature – “I have a unique style of painting colourful animals.” Beyond creating art, Rachel’s business ethos is to grow and give back. “I want to double my business quarterly until market saturation. This will provide more jobs in my community and be able to afford to give back through charitable donations,” she asserts.

Rachel’s journey, though painted in strokes of success, has had its shades of challenges. “All the hard work, and trying to balance work, family, farm and self-care,” she confides about the daunting tasks. Yet, when asked about the rewards, she simply states, “Seeing hard work pay off.” 

Her association with Pow Wow Pitch is a testament to her belief in seizing opportunities. “You can’t succeed if you don’t try,” she reflects. The experience, according to her, has been instrumental in pushing her boundaries and dreaming bigger.

Mentorship, as Rachel acknowledges, has been a cornerstone of her journey. As part of the Pow Wow Pitch process, Rachel was mentored by Andrea Globa from Mitacs and Cristina D’Angelo from Mastercard. Their guidance ranged from tightening up her pitch to refining her approach, with Rachel gleamingly saying, “I am so honoured to be a part of this amazing Pow Wow Pitch. My cup runneth over!”

Rachel’s advice for budding Indigenous entrepreneurs is both empowering and genuine. “Do it! It’s so rewarding,” she encourages. But she also emphasizes the power of passion, stating, “Choose something you are passionate about. It will get you through the tough times.”

Through Rachel Brimacombe’s journey, we see the contours of dedication, a palette of vibrant endeavours, and a canvas that continues to evolve, inspire, and enchant.

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