Todd Evans Joins Pow Wow Pitch Advisory Council to Empower Indigenous Entrepreneurs

March 12, 2024

Pow Wow Pitch, a grassroots non-profit organization committed to empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island, is proud to announce the appointment of Todd Evans, the Mi’kmaw National Lead of Indigenous Exporters at Export Development Canada (EDC),  to its esteemed Advisory Council. With his extensive experience and dedication to advancing Indigenous businesses, Todd will play a pivotal role in guiding Pow Wow Pitch’s mission.

Todd Evans brings over 30 years of experience in economic development and international trade, with a distinguished career at EDC. As the National Lead of Indigenous Exporters, Todd has been instrumental in advancing EDC’s strategy for serving Indigenous businesses and engaging with external stakeholders. He holds a BA degree in economics and statistics from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a MA degree in economics from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director of Pow Wow Pitch, expressed her enthusiasm for Todd’s appointment, stating, “Todd Evans brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our Advisory Council. His commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses aligns perfectly with our mission at Pow Wow Pitch. We are thrilled to have Todd on board, and we look forward to working together to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs and strengthen Indigenous communities.”

As a member of the Pow Wow Pitch Advisory Council, Todd will bring invaluable expertise and perspective to the organization. His deep understanding of Indigenous entrepreneurship and passion for supporting Indigenous businesses will help guide ongoing initiatives to empower and uplift Indigenous entrepreneurs. Todd’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Pow Wow Pitch’s journey to support economic prosperity and cultural revitalization within Indigenous communities.

Todd Evans expressed his motivation for joining the Advisory Council, stating, “In a world driven by globalization and interconnected economies, the importance of trade cannot be overstated. For Indigenous communities across Turtle Island, trade has always been an integral part of our heritage, identity, and economic survival. I am joining the Pow Wow Pitch Advisory Council because I believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive positive change and economic prosperity within Indigenous communities.”

Through collaborative efforts with industry and government leaders like Todd Evans, Pow Wow Pitch remains committed to fostering economic prosperity, cultural revitalization, and empowerment within Indigenous communities.