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October 19, 2023

Children Of The North Project Corp: Pioneering Indigenous Clean Energy with Levi Wild

Levi Wild, a passionate advocate for Indigenous empowerment from the Michif & Passpasschase Cree communities, shares how his initiative, the Children Of The North Project Corp., is uplifting Indigenous people to lead the clean energy transition. Based Edmonton, Alberta, Levi’s entrepreneurial journey was born out of necessity and a profound commitment to his community.

Levi’s journey began when he learned the potential of solar energy. A mentor’s story about presenting solar technology to Indigenous youth in the Sahtu Region left a lasting impression. The youth’s enthusiasm for the possibilities of economic empowerment through renewable energy inspired Levi.

The Children Of The North Project Corp. is an organization that specializes in providing project management, grant-writing, and consultation services to Indigenous communities. Their primary focus is to assist these communities in adopting renewable technologies and achieving energy independence. The mission of Children Of The North Project Corp. extends beyond clean energy; it’s about empowering communities to address fundamental needs like clean water, healthcare, education, and food sovereignty.

For Levi, being an entrepreneur is about more than just business. “The most rewarding part is meeting new people,” he shares. “Learning about their specialties, and developing solutions together.” He acknowledges that entrepreneurs can’t do everything themselves and emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships.

Levi’s journey has recently led to his participation in Pow Wow Pitch, a pitch competition that provides a platform and opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs. “The network of people gives you the encouragement you need to keep motivated and grow your business to success,” Levi shares on his Pow Wow Pitch experience.

Levi Wild received support from his Pow Wow Pitch mentors, Robert Perron and Leslie Fields from RBC, and Mike D’Abramo from Skylar Wilton & Associates. “Rob taught me the importance of using high-impact words or phrases to leave a lasting impact with my pitch,” shared Levi. “Leslie helped to highlight my Indigenous heritage in my intro to show my dedication to give back to the community. Mike was the great help in refining my pitch for the Grand Finale.”

Levi’s advice to aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs is a reflection of his own journey, “Give it a shot! Find your local Indigenous entrepreneurship events, either from your nation or organizations like Pow Wow Pitch, and start sharing your ideas.” 

Levi Wild’s story is a testament to the power of vision, community, and perseverance. Through Children Of The North Project Corp., he is not only shaping the future of clean energy but also paving the way for Indigenous communities to thrive in a sustainable world. 

Register to watch Levi pitch at the Grand Finale Watch Party on October 19, 2023.