Remember it’s about the journey

August 24, 2023

Eyeconic Warriors Prints Inc.: Crafting Change Through Art

Belonging to the Abenaki First Nation, and living in Rockland, Ontario, Brooke Stratton’s journey with Eyeconic Warriors Prints Inc. is a shining example of blending art with activism, fostering conversations, and inspiring change. 

Eyeconic Warriors isn’t just a business—it’s a movement. From their diverse print sizes to the thought-provoking messages they carry, their products are designed to be more than just decorative pieces. 

“We specialize in creating social justice art that not only resonates but also encourages conversations around pressing racial issues,” Brooke explains. Their prints serve as both reminders of historical milestones and catalysts for future equity. “Our art transcends aesthetics, aiming to stimulate dialogue and empathy.”

The birth of Eyeconic Warriors traces its roots to a convergence of passion and purpose. AJ Forsyth, a digital artist with an unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, saw the potential of art to spotlight racial challenges. Brooke Stratton, embodying her Abenaki First Nation as a Social Worker and a staunch advocate for social justice, brought depth and authenticity to the mission. And Duane Kumala-Thomas, with his keen artistic eye and studio expertise, recognized the potential to translate this vision into compelling visual narratives.

Being at the helm of such a venture isn’t without its challenges, of course. “Balancing creative vision with practical business strategies can be demanding,” admits Brooke. Furthermore, as a socially conscious brand, every business decision is made with its overarching mission in mind. Yet, the rewards, as she points out, are profound. “Knowing that our prints ignite conversations and inspire change is incredibly gratifying.”

Brooke’s decision to apply for the Pow Wow Pitch reflected this drive to make a difference. Brooke recalls the sense of community and invaluable guidance the platform provided, emphasizing its role in championing Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Drawing from her rich journey, Brooke offers wisdom for budding Indigenous entrepreneurs: “Stay grounded in your purpose.” For her, entrepreneurship is rooted in the lessons learned, challenges surmounted, and personal growth. “One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned,” she reflects, “is that the journey is just as valuable, if not more so, than the end results.”

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