PHOTO: Image of Nicole Johnny, submitted by Raven Indigenous Capital Partners.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners and Pow Wow Pitch Join Forces to Empower Indigenous Entrepreneurs

April 24, 2024

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, the leading driver in investing in Indigenous and Native American entrepreneurs, and Pow Wow Pitch, a grassroots non-profit organization advancing Indigenous entrepreneurship, proudly announce the second year of a partnership driving meaningful change and economic empowerment within Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

Raven is known for its commitment to revitalizing the Indigenous economy through impactful investments and strategic partnerships. With a vision of fostering economic prosperity and sustainable growth, the organization has been instrumental in empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and driving positive change within Indigenous communities.

This partnership between Raven and Pow Wow Pitch will provide Indigenous entrepreneurs with tangible support, including mentorship programs, access to capital, educational resources, and networking opportunities. 

Althea Wishloff of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is set to join the Pow Wow Pitch Advisory Council, contributing insights to shape Pow Wow Pitch's strategic direction, particularly in its expansion across the United States. The organizations will work together to advocate for Indigenous entrepreneurship through small business mentorship, thought leadership, and market entry initiatives across Canada and the USA, with Raven co-presenting  Pow Wow Pitch USA events, focusing on American expansion. 

Raven will also provide expert mentors, judges, and speakers to support emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, and for the first time will sponsor the Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards, presenting an award to a high-growth, high-impact Indigenous-owned business. 

"I am honoured to join forces with Raven Indigenous Capital Partners,” said Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director at Pow Wow Pitch. “Their commitment to fostering Indigenous economic empowerment resonates deeply with our mission at Pow Wow Pitch. Together, we are positioned to make tangible strides in advancing Indigenous entrepreneurship and creating lasting impact within our communities across Turtle Island."

“The partnership between Raven Indigenous Capital Partners and Pow Wow Pitch represents a significant milestone in the journey towards economic empowerment and self-determination for Indigenous entrepreneurs,” said Althea Wishloff, General Partner at Raven Indigenous Capital Partners. By combining our expertise, resources, and networks, both organizations are poised to scale opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs.”

United in their commitment to empowerment, both organizations are dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all Indigenous entrepreneurs. For more information about the partnership, visit