Push through self-doubt

August 31, 2023

Skoden Hair Ties: From A Simple Idea to A Cultural Sensation

Shayna Boudreau’s journey into entrepreneurship started on a rather festive note. Yearning for a Christmas hair tie, she embarked on crafting one. Encouraged by her husband, the Kingsclear First Nation entrepreneur took a leap, showcased her creation on Facebook, and almost immediately witnessed them flying off the virtual shelves.That was the beginning of Skoden Hair Ties.

“I posted on TikTok and sold out my very first launch online on January 15th, 2022,” Shayna recalls. With her venture blossoming, Shayna sought to do more than just sell hair ties. She envisioned her brand as an emblem of inspiration for Indigenous youth. “My motivation was to inspire other Indigenous youth to believe in themselves.”

Shayna’s vision it to grow Skoden Hair Ties into a cultural emblem with a humorous nod –an ‘inside joke’ in fabric form. “What sets my business apart is the name – ‘Skoden’,” Shayna explains with pride. “It’s like saying, ‘Grab your Hair Tie and Skoden!’ which for those who don’t know, means ‘let’s go then’.”

From battling self-doubt to confronting her fear of public speaking, Shayna’s journey with Skoden Hair Ties has propelled personal and professional growth. However, her resilience has shone through each hurdle. “As an entrepreneur, it’s natural to face self-doubt and question your own worthiness. But it’s important to remember that these feelings are common and do not reflect your true abilities,” she reflects.

Participating in the Pow Wow Pitch not only augmented her confidence but also provided her with invaluable insights. She candidly shares the encouragement she received from her Mentors, “Laura Englehart from JEDI advised, ‘Speak from the heart– you know your business the best;’ Jayden Halls from RBC told me not to be afraid to really go for it; and, Stephanie Ying from Mastercard encouraged me to pause and ‘take a deep breath’.”

Envisioning the road ahead, Shayna contemplates expanding her venture. “The biggest help for my business would be to find a partner or employee who loves to sew, come up with new marketing ideas, and attend events,” she outlines. To aspiring entrepreneurs, her message is crystal clear: “Not everyone will be your supporter– and that’s okay!”

As she concludes, Shayna leaves us with a poignant reflection on her journey so far, “To keep pushing through the challenges, stay focused, and never lose sight of your dreams! As I was once afraid to give my dream a shot, yet here I am, a Semi-Finalist in PowWow Pitch.”

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