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Pow Wow Pitch X Tenille K. Campbell Collection Launches

Pow Wow Pitch Shop collection features poetry inspired by Indigenous entrepreneurs

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, North America’s premier pitch competition for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced a collaboration with Indigenous poet and photographer Tenille T. Campbell to support creating a Seed Fund for Indigenous Entrepreneurs. 

Tenille is a Dene/Métis author from English River First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Tenille’s first poetry book, #IndianLovePoems, is an award-winning Indigenous erotica collection that uses humour and storytelling to reclaim and explore ideas of Indigenous sexuality. Her newest poetry collection, Nedí Nezu, explores the space Indigenous women create in life, relationships and the land. 

Tenille is also the artist behind sweetmoon photography and the co-creator of the blog tea&bannock

Pow Wow Pitch approached Tenille to commission a series of poems inspired by Indigenous entrepreneurs and Pow Wow Pitch Founder Sunshine Tenasco’s vision and love for the Indigenous entrepreneurship community. 

“Pow Wow Pitch is honoured to collaborate with Tenille on this beautiful collection to inspire Indigenous entrepreneurs and to show how we do things our way, together,” said Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “These poems honour and reflect the heart, wisdom, community, and deep-rooted impact of those who have the courage to take action on their dreams.” 

Pow Wow Pitch features the poems on a limited and exclusive collection of T-Shirts and wristbands available on the Pow Wow Pitch Shop. The Shop launched today to raise funds to create an Indigenous Entrepreneur Seed Fund to provide early-stage Indigenous entrepreneurs with micro-grants to start a business and take that next step on their entrepreneurial journey. 

“Working with Pow Wow Pitch was a beautiful experience – full of quick communication, inspiring ideas and best of all, that loud auntie laughter,” said Tenille Campbell. “Sunshine understands how my work is grounded in community and that this collaboration flows effortlessly.” 

Last week, Tenille became the first-ever guest on the Pow Wow Pitch Podcast in an episode titled ‘Be unapologetically you.’ 

The Collection and fundraiser are made possible due to the generosity of Toronto-based printing partner Artik Promotions. Artik Co-Founder Saul Nir has been a longtime supporter of entrepreneurship in Canada and jumped in right away to support Indigenous entrepreneurs.

“I started Artik to support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations to make their mark, and I am a passionate supporter and advocate for entrepreneurship,” said Saul Nir, Co-Founder and CEO of Artik. “Inspiring and seeding early-stage Indigenous entrepreneur-run businesses benefits all of us, and Artik is proud to support Pow Wow Pitch to give lift-off to the Indigenous Entrepreneur Seed Fund.”

You can shop the collection now at and listen to the podcast at