Pow Wow Pitch partners with Shopify to launch first-ever online marketplace featuring Indigenous entrepreneurs

December 11, 2023

Powwowmarket.ca launches with eighteen Indigenous brands to boost Indigenous business

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, North America’s premier pitch competition for Indigenous entrepreneurs, presented in partnership with RBC, Shopify, and Mastercard, announced its newest initiative to support Indigenous entrepreneurs with the launch of Pow Wow Market.

Pow Wow Market is an online marketplace that is creating a platform for the Pow Wow Pitch community to grow their online impact. With inspiration from vendor markets at traditional powwows, Pow Wow Market is a place for Indigenous brands to shine and reach new audiences with the support of the Pow Wow Pitch community. 

At the onset Pow Wow Market features a variety of eighteen Indigenous brands, all alumni of the Pow Wow Pitch program. These businesses contribute 10% of sales to the Alumni Fund, playing a key role in fund allocation and promoting community growth and sustainability. Pow Wow Market is set to support these eighteen brands with sights to add more products and brands as the Pow Wow Pitch community grows, creating a lasting opportunity for current and future entrepreneurs.

Featured brands on Pow Wow Market:

Bangin’ Bannock
Bastien Industries
Bear Essential Oils
Cheekbone Beauty
Eiralize Lashes
Eyeconic Warriors
First Nations Gallery
Kokom Scrunchies
Nuez Acres
RavenSong Soap and Candle
Red Rebel Armour
Sequoia Soap
Shades of Grey
Sweetgrass Soap
Uasau Soap
Wabanaki Maple
Wild and Glorious

Pow Wow Market is more than a marketplace; it’s a platform for nurturing future generations of Indigenous entrepreneurs and strengthening community bonds. It represents a hub for communal support and empowerment, where commerce intertwines with community development. Our aim is to create a self-sustaining cycle of growth and empowerment, showcasing entrepreneurship as a powerful tool for community development and cultural preservation.

“We are thrilled to launch this initiative,” said Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “Pow Wow Market is a cultivation of tradition and innovation and we are thrilled to watch our Pow Wow Pitch alumni shine and grow through this opportunity.”

“I’m so honoured to be a part of such a supportive, uplifting, and caring initiative,” said featured brand owner and Founder of Eiralize Lashes, Marissa Dube. “The trust and support that the Pow Wow Market has shown has given me the confidence to dream big, excel, and take up space for myself. I believe the Pow Wow Market will help so many Indigenous companies get the exposure they need to flourish in a trusting and loving environment.”

“With such joy and excitement I am happy to announce the newest collaboration between Shopify and Pow Wow Pitch with Pow Wow Market.” said Kyle Brennan Shàwinipinesì, Shopify’s Senior Lead of Indigenous Entrepreneurship. “Shopify and Pow Wow Pitch together create a powerful platform that amplifies the voices of entrepreneurs, drives economic prosperity, fosters innovation, and transforms the way we connect, collaborate, and share some of the best products the Indigenous community has to offer.”

To shop now at Pow Wow Market, click here.