Pow Wow Pitch expands strategic collaboration with Sklar Wilton & Associates to shape five-year strategy for Indigenous entrepreneurship

March 22, 2024

Pow Wow Pitch, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs, proudly announces the expansion of its  partnership with Sklar Wilton & Associates. Pow Wow Pitch and Sklar Wilton & Associates are working together to co-create a comprehensive five-year strategy aimed at fostering sustainable Indigenous entrepreneurship through Pow Wow Pitch. 

The partnership between Pow Wow Pitch and Sklar Wilton & Associates began in 2021 with Sklar Wilton & Associates’ team mentoring Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs and evolved into a Seed Sponsorship over the last two years with Sklar Wilton & Associates creating modules for the Indigenous Startup Program, providing mentorship and training of Indigenous entrepreneurs, and supporting Pow Wow Pitch to measure its impact. 

2024 marks a significant milestone as Sklar Wilton & Associates transitions to the role of a Silver Sponsor for Pow Wow Pitch. This elevated sponsorship underscores their dedication to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship and fostering economic reconciliation.

Aligned with their shared vision, Pow Wow Pitch and Sklar Wilton & Associates are embarking on a collaborative journey to develop a comprehensive five-year strategy for Pow Wow Pitch as it transitions into a strong non-profit organization, with a newly appointed Board of Directors and Executive Director. Leveraging their collective expertise and insights, both organizations will work closely with Pow Wow Pitch’s Advisory Council, partners and community to develop a roadmap for sustainable growth and empowerment within Indigenous communities.

“We are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with Sklar Wilton & Associates and embark on this strategic journey together,” stated Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director of Pow Wow Pitch. “Their unwavering support and commitment to collaboration have been instrumental in our journey thus far. By co-creating a comprehensive five-year strategy, we are confident that we can drive lasting change and foster economic reconciliation through Indigenous entrepreneurship.”

In addition to creating the strategic plan, Sklar Wilton & Associates is also the presenting partner of the Pow Wow Pitch Finalist Bootcamp, wherein their employees will train and mentor Pow Wow Pitch Finalists. By offering guidance and support, they’ll empower finalists to navigate challenges effectively, boosting their chances of success. Additionally, their involvement in presenting an award at the 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards will inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, reinforcing the value of their contributions. The Sklar Wilton & Associates Award will recognize excellence and outstanding leadership by a leader or organization of any time that has demonstrated exceptional impact in advancing Indigenous entrepreneurship.  This partnership underscores a commitment to driving tangible impact and growth within Indigenous communities.

“We’re investing heavily in supporting Pow Wow Pitch because we believe in the transformative power of Indigenous entrepreneurship and we see Pow Wow Pitch as the most effective platform to facilitate this impact,” said Jennifer Marley, Partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates. “Success for us means providing Indigenous entrepreneurs the resources and support they need to turn their visions into reality and providing Pow Wow Pitch with a roadmap for expanded growth and impact. We envision a future where Indigenous businesses flourish, driving economic prosperity and fostering vibrant communities across Turtle Island.”

The expanded partnership between Pow Wow Pitch and Sklar Wilton & Associates exemplifies a shared commitment to driving sustainable growth and empowerment within Indigenous communities.

About Pow Wow Pitch 

Pow Wow Pitch is an entrepreneurship program for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, which provides a safe, supportive, collaborative, empowering and culturally supportive environment that addresses the unique challenges of Indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs. Pow Wow Pitch enhances, develops and accelerates the growth for current and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through programs and resources. Community leadership through volunteerism is promoted as a reflection of respect and reciprocity as the foundation of the Pow Wow Pitch. 

For more information, visit powwowpitch.org.

About Sklar Wilton & Associates

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