Make mistakes and learn from them

August 31, 2023

Crafting Connections: Desiree Streit and the Evolution of

When passion meets innovation, the results can be astounding. This is the story of Desiree Streit, the inspired creator behind from The Pas, Manitoba who is now building her business from Gatineau, Québec. Driven by her love for beading and a unique idea, Streit embarked on a journey that would soon make her a semi-finalist in the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch competition.

“I started this business to share my passion for beading and because I had this idea that I wanted to make a reality – the BOO-zhee Board!” Desiree shared. For many, beading is an art form and a form of expression. But what happens when beaders need to take their projects on the go without the mess? Enter the BOO-zhee Board, a unique beading board with a lid designed to address the need for portability. “This product is unique because there is a gap in the market for transportable beading boards that make beading accessible, even at home if you need support and not have your beads spill all over the place.”

In less than a year, Streit’s startup has done more than just sell boards. “I am most proud of the connections I have been able to make,” she reflected. It’s evident that her journey isn’t just about creating a product, but also about building relationships and weaving a sense of community.

However, entrepreneurship is never without its challenges. For Desiree, the struggle lies in “finding the time and the ‘work-life-work’ balance and getting out of my own way through the process of creating and building this business.” But the challenges didn’t deter her. Drawn to the Pow Wow Pitch because of her desire to connect and learn, she found guidance from her mentors, including Annette Stewart and George Gao from RBC and Jason McDonald from Futurpreneur. “All of them gave me confidence, were so supportive, and answered my many questions,” Desiree shared. Their advice helped her refine her pitch and gain a clearer vision for her venture.

Desiree’s commitment extends beyond her business. Even before the inception of, she had shown an immense spirit of giving. “I would raffle earrings to give back to families in need,” she reminisced, highlighting her desire to connect with Indigenous youth. Now, through her venture, she hopes to put on free BOO-zhee Board workshops, further strengthening her ties to the community.

So, what insights does this budding entrepreneur have for others embarking on a similar journey? “I have learned to just go for it. To push through the negative talk and take the advice I was given when I was thinking of starting – to ‘just do it.’ Make mistakes and learn from them,” she emphasized. Streit further stressed the importance of community and collaboration, advising new entrepreneurs to “connect with the community, find resources, and find help in any way you can.”

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