ITAC and Pow Wow Pitch Partner to Elevate Indigenous Tourism for 3rd Year

April 19, 2024

Pow Wow Pitch and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) are thrilled to announce their strengthened partnership for the year 2024, aimed at empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs within the tourism industry.

Indigenous tourism stands as a cornerstone for cultural preservation, economic sustainability, and community impact across Canada. Through this partnership, ITAC and Pow Wow Pitch reaffirm their commitment to nurturing Indigenous entrepreneurship, thereby safeguarding traditions, driving economic prosperity, and fostering community development.

This year, ITAC takes centre stage as the lead presenter of the Pow Wow Pitch Tourism Pitch, lending their expertise virtually as judges for the online Pitch Competition and in-person at live Pow Wow Pitch events. Furthermore, ITAC proudly sponsors the Tourism Award for the 2024 Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards, an accolade that recognizes excellence and innovation in Indigenous tourism endeavours.

In a commitment to hands-on support, ITAC will engage its employees as mentors, advisors, and judges, fostering growth and development for Indigenous entrepreneurs in both virtual and real-world settings.

Keith Henry, President and CEO of ITAC, emphasized the pivotal role of this partnership: “Our continued partnership with Pow Wow Pitch exemplifies our commitment to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship and fostering growth within the tourism sector. Together, we are not only investing in businesses; we are investing in the future prosperity of Indigenous communities. ITAC’s vision for 2030 is for the Indigenous tourism industry to contribute $6 billion annually to Canada’s gross domestic product — making Canada the world leader in Indigenous tourism. To make that vision a reality, the Indigenous tourism industry needs to grow substantially in both the number of businesses and the number of industry employees.”

“The tourism sector is not only a vital economic engine; it’s also a means of cultural preservation and community empowerment. By supporting early-stage Indigenous entrepreneurs, we are not just creating businesses; we are revitalizing traditions, empowering individuals, and shaping a more inclusive economy,” said Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director of Pow Wow Pitch. “Our strong partnership with ITAC signifies our shared dedication to fostering innovation and opportunity for Indigenous tourism entrepreneurs across Canada. Together, we demonstrate the power of collaboration in advancing Indigenous economic sovereignty.”

As both organizations align their efforts, they pave the way for meaningful progress in amplifying Indigenous-led businesses and promoting economic sustainability within Indigenous communities. 

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About Pow Wow Pitch 

Pow Wow Pitch is an entrepreneurship program for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, which provides a safe, supportive, collaborative, empowering and culturally supportive environment that addresses the unique challenges of Indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs. Pow Wow Pitch enhances, develops and accelerates the growth for current and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through programs and resources. Community leadership through volunteerism is promoted as a reflection of respect and reciprocity as the foundation of the Pow Wow Pitch.

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About ITAC

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is a national non-profit Indigenous tourism industry organization established in 2015. ITAC is the lead organization tasked with growing and promoting the Indigenous tourism industry across the country. Inspired by a vision for a thriving Indigenous tourism economy sharing authentic, memorable and enriching experiences, ITAC develops relationships with groups and regions with similar mandates to enable collective support, product development, promotion and marketing of authentic Indigenous tourism businesses in a respectful protocol.

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