Partnering with IndigPro means tapping into authentic, innovative, and creative solutions that produce results and truly resonate. Our offerings range from Indigenous creative that deeply connects to cutting-edge app and software development with a focus on preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages, cultures, customs, and traditions.

Our Strength Lies in Cultural Awareness

What sets us apart is our deep understanding of Indigenous culture, customs, and traditions. With extensive experience working across diverse industries and with numerous Indigenous clients across Turtle Island, we deliver culturally appropriate strategies, innovative digital marketing solutions, and creative insights that knows no bounds.

Bridging Indigenous Audiences

IndigPro connects Industry with Indigenous Communities. Our mission is to create a positive impact on the communities we serve and serve as a bridge between industries and Indigenous audiences. We’re here to facilitate meaningful connections.


Mino Dawaa is a dedicated Indigenous
business service center that caters to
providing business services for Indigenous
entrepreneurs, businesses with a professional
and supportive business environment at our
urban reserve location.

At Mino Dawaa, we understand the challenges and aspirations of Indigenous entrepreneurs, which is why we provide a comprehensive suite of services to support you along every step of your business journey. From personalized business mail boxes, virtual office and co-working space, and Indigenous procurement, our offerings are designed to help you thrive. Furthermore, our networking opportunities, training workshops, and access to resources ensure that you have the tools and connections necessary to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Our mission extends beyond mere business support; we strive to foster a sense of cultural pride and identity within the Indigenous business community. Through our guidance on incorporating traditional values and practices into your operations, we aim to celebrate and honor Indigenous culture while driving business success. Join us at Mino Dawaa and embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and cultural resilience in the world of Indigenous entrepreneurship.


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