PHOTO: Holly Atecoutay (pictured right), Director of Futurpreneur Indigenous Start Up Program, presenting the Fan Favourite Award at 2022 Kamloopa Pow Wow Pitch.

Futurpreneur and Pow Wow Pitch Grow to Support Indigenous Entrepreneurs

July 24, 2023

Futurpreneur set to support Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs with mentorship,
business planning and financial literacy

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, North America’s premier pitch competition and non-profit organization supporting emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced Futurpreneur as a Silver Partner for its 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Program. 

Supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs with financing, one-on-one mentorship, business training, marketing and a safe and trusted community of support, Futurpreneur’s investment is helping Pow Wow Pitch to scale its virtual and in-person programs through mentorship and judging to support more Indigenous entrepreneurs worldwide.

In the 2023 Program, Pow Wow Pitch has already welcomed Futurpreneur’s Team to to engage in one-on-one mentorship and advising with Pow Wow Pitchers to strengthen their pitches with mentor feedback at the the Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg and the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival in Ottawa. In August, Futurepreneur will also support Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs at the Kamloopa Pow Wow Pitch in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Earlier this year, Futurpreneur’s Senior Business Development Manager for the Indigenous Entrepreneur Startup Program (IESP), Noah Wilson, also welcomed Pow Wow Pitch Founder, Sunshine Tenasco to Neechie Nights as a keynote guest.

“We are so thrilled to continue our partnership with Futurpreneur to ensure that Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs have the opportunity to access ongoing support, mentorship and funding as they grow,” said Sunshine Tenasco, the Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “Futurpreneur is playing an important leadership role within the Indigenous entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are excited to continue to grow together.”

“Pow Wow Pitch provides a platform to accelerate and foster Indigenous entrepreneurship while boosting Indigenous economic resiliency, aligning completely with Futurpreneur’s mission,” said Holly Atjecoutay, the Director of Futurpreneur’s Indigenous Entrepreneur Startup Program. “Young Indigenous entrepreneurs nationwide benefit greatly when Indigenous service providers partner together with the common goal of championing and supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship success.” 

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