Find all the resources and use them

August 24, 2023

PureWild Co.: Indigenous Values and Wellness Intertwined

Cindy Convery, Founder of PureWild Co. based in Ojai, California, USA, is not just an entrepreneur but a symbol of vision and community commitment. Hailing from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, where her mother’s formative years were marked by a house without running water and scarce access to healthy food, Cindy’s entrepreneurial drive is rooted in her desire to give back. “PureWild’s purpose is to create more healthy food access to underserved communities like the one where my mother grew up,” she shares.

At its core, PureWild Co. is an innovator in the wellness industry. The company produces a range of wellness products with marine collagen. This includes functional beverages, unique collagen-infused wines, and collagen supplements tailored to aid recovery from breast cancer and autoimmune disorders. “We use the cleanest collagen on the planet: certified non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal,” Convery proudly states. Notably, their supplements stand out as they’re specially formulated to support recovery from treatment side effects of diseases, making them a beacon of hope for many.

“I am most proud of formulating the first collagen supplements to support recovery from the side effects of treatments for breast cancer and autoimmune disorders,” Cindy reflects. Her personal connection to this cause, with seven friends and her mother having recovered from breast cancer, fueled her passion and drive. With a charitable arm donating supplements to those in need, PureWild Co. truly encapsulates the triple bottom line philosophy: People, Planet, Profit.

Being an entrepreneur is not without its challenges. For Cindy, “Raising money to start, and raising money to grow” has been the most formidable hurdle. Despite these challenges, her tenacity and unwavering spirit shine through. “Getting up every day with the same energy to succeed, and keep the end goal in mind,” is her mantra.

The Pow Wow Pitch has been a transformative experience for Cindy. Not only did it offer a platform to elevate her brand further, but the guidance from her mentor, Christos Markakis from RBC, proved invaluable. He honed her skills in delivering a concise, impactful pitch, emphasizing the unique strengths of PureWild Co.

What truly sets Cindy and PureWild Co. apart is their profound commitment to Indigenous values. These values, which prioritize the impact of one’s actions on future generations, are deeply embedded in the company’s operations. “For us, our sustainable practices, our charity component, and our choice of organic ingredients show respect to our customers, to our environment, and offer a product that supports people’s health and wellness,” Cindy elaborates.

Her advice for budding Indigenous entrepreneurs is grounded in her own experiences: “Find all the resources and use them.” She cites her initial funding, sourced through a loan from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as a game-changer. This move not only provided her with financial backing but also opened several doors of opportunity, from participation in a White House symposium on Native Women Entrepreneurs to securing orders from local tribes.

“This has been a great experience, and I’m lucky to have been included. I hope I can continue to be involved in supporting Pow Wow Pitch,” Convery concludes; her journey is a testament to the power of community, perseverance, and a vision that seeks to uplift and inspire.

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