PHOTO: Joella Hogan, Founder of Yukon Soaps, EDC Success Stories.

Export Development Canada Continues Commitment to Indigenous Entrepreneur Growth

Providing Pow Wow Pitchers export knowledge and mentorship

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, North America’s leading initiative and non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced it will continue its partnership with Export Development Canada (EDC) in 2023. EDC, continuing its commitment to foster Indigenous entrepreneurship, will join Pow Wow Pitch as a Silver Partner for the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Program.

Ready to support more than 2,500 Indigenous entrepreneurs in 2023, EDC is committed to providing mentorship, funding, training, marketing, and a nurturing community. EDC’s investment ensures that Pow Wow Pitch can amplify its virtual programs, expand in-person support in communities across Canada, and grow its offerings to support Indigenous entrepreneurs to pursue global markets.

EDC’s support of Pow Wow Pitch as a Silver-Level Sponsor, and the engagement of EDC employees as mentors, trusted advisors, and judges for virtual pitch contests, enriches Pow Wow Pitch’s offering. In addition to supporting Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs, EDC has also renewed its commitment as a co-presenting sponsor of the 3rd Annual Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with EDC to support early-stage Indigenous entrepreneurs to understand the opportunities of global markets for their businesses,” said Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “By providing training, encouragement and support to Indigenous businesses, we are reclaiming trade our own way across Turtle Island and beyond.” 

Reflecting on the historical importance of trade in Indigenous prosperity, Todd Evans, National Lead for Indigenous Exporters at EDC, voiced his optimism: “Exporting can empower today’s Indigenous entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses. Our alliance with Pow Wow Pitch aids EDC’s mission to make trade more inclusive by offering access to our trade expertise, financing solutions, equity, insurance, and connections.”

Pow Wow Pitch recently welcomed Evans to present at the Pow Wow Pitch Bootcamp, a virtual half-day seminar for Indigenous entrepreneurs that entered the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Competition. Evans shared a presentation on exporting and how EDC can help globalize Indigenous-owned businesses. This opportunity allowed entrepreneurs to ask questions about exporting and how they could utilize EDC’s services to expand their business and growth.

As part of the partnership, EDC is proud to share the stories of Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs. Most recently, EDC spotlighted Pow Wow Pitch Alumni Joella Hogan, the Founder of The Yukon Soaps Company, an all-natural product company specializing in making soaps, shampoos and essential oils using juniper berries, spruce tips and wildflowers from the land near her home in Mayo, Yukon. Click here to read the full story

“Guided by respect for Indigenous history, traditions and culture, EDC is dedicated to supporting Indigenous businesses and removing barriers to growth, so they can thrive on the world stage while creating jobs and prosperity in their community,” says Evans, EDC’s national lead of Indigenous exporters. 

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