Enjoy the journey

October 13, 2023

Dante Biss-Grayson’s Sky-Eagle Collection Blending Heritage in the Modern World

In Santa Fe’s bustling art and fashion district, Founder and 2023 Aritzia Fashion Grant Recipient, Dante Biss-Grayson stands as an inspiration for many. His fashion brand, Sky-Eagle Collection, elegantly redesigns traditional styles of Osage heritage into modern silhouettes. 

Dante’s business, Sky-Eagle Collection, is a high-end and ready-to-wear custom fashion brand that seamlessly merges Native American heritage with contemporary design aesthetics. Rooted in celebrating and honouring Native American culture, the brand serves as a powerful statement of resilience, tradition, and modernity in the fashion world.

The trauma of PTSD, a remnant from his service as a veteran, Dante found solace and purpose in his art. This enables him to externalize trauma while simultaneously highlighting critical issues that touch Native communities. Dante’s core message that he pours into his work is the reminder that “We are still here.”

Dante believes, “Fashion is a powerful tool that can uplift, empower, and inspire people.” His brand serves as a medium to spotlight issues affecting Native Communities and push for social justice. The aim is not just to be another name in fashion but to resonate globally, proving that they can stand tall alongside renowned fashion houses. 

To Dante, Indigenous design and fashion means merging tradition and modernity. Dante explains “The modern world is home to new warriors: leaders in our community who walk in both worlds, the traditional and the modern. I hope that they will inspire others to walk in both worlds and create something new and beautiful.” As an Osage Straight Dancer, his designs are deeply rooted in his tribe’s ribbon work where the fusion of the two worlds meet. 

With aspirations to expand into various sectors like ranch wear, resort wear, and more, Dante’s vision for Sky-Eagle Collection is ambitious. He has goals to branch out and provide Indigenous communities with skills, jobs, and a platform to shine.

Receiving the Aritzia Indigenous Fashion Grant is a step in the right direction. Dante is honored and believes that this will pave the way for more collaborations and growth. “Networking is key to growth, and finding new projects will be most welcomed.” His brand’s recognition can be seen through the numerous projects featured on Sky-Eagle Collection’s website.

For aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in the fashion world, Dante offers a piece of advice, “Don’t wait to be discovered! If you want to make your vision a reality, put in the work, stay flexible, and keep motivated…And make sure to enjoy the journey!” 

Dante Biss-Grayson’s journey with the Sky-Eagle Collection underscores the profound impact of uniting passion with purpose, crafting a legacy that resonates beyond the runway.

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