Do your legacy work

August 31, 2023

Rachael Hunt: Crafting a Legacy with Freedom School Co.

In the entrepreneurial realm, there are those who tread well-worn paths and those who blaze new trails, rewriting the rulebook as they go. Rachael Hunt, the dynamic CEO and founder of Freedom School Co., who is Chippewa of Nawash living in Collingwood, ON, undeniably belongs to the latter category.

Starting out in 2018, Rachael already tasted success with her gluten-free blog, GlutenFreedom Inc. But, as she reminisces, the seeds of Freedom School Co. were sown when she recognized the palpable need many ambitious women had: to build a strong personal brand and monetize their passions. “I had countless women reaching out asking me how they could build a thriving personal brand and make money doing what they love,” she recalls.

Freedom School Co. leans heavily into understanding the individual’s mindset before diving into practical strategy. “We really emphasize the importance of healing to the root cause of the barriers,” Rachael says. The Freedom Method™️, she adds, “empowers entrepreneurs to create sustainable, thriving businesses.” Built upon neuro-linguistic programming, quantum energetics, and marketing strategies, it’s a holistic way to heal generational wounds and foster growth through entrepreneurship. 

Now, with its sights set on supporting Indigenous women, Freedom School Co. aims for an impact that creates “ripple effects beyond the individual, beyond the business and beyond the community. This is legacy work.” 

For Rachael, the most enriching part of her journey is seeing the transformation of her clients. “The best part of what I do is that I get to empower other women to create their own ‘Freedom Life’, on their own terms. I love witnessing the transformation of my clients and seeing them step into their full potential.”

However, like any entrepreneur, Rachael faces her set of challenges. “The most challenging part for me has been facing my own fears and doubts. But on the flip side, this is when I take a dose of my own medicine and apply the modalities I support my clients with, on myself. We are the only thing that really gets in our own way!” she admits.

Her journey with Pow Wow Pitch, which she describes as a serendipitous alignment, has only amplified her mission. “It has been a beautiful journey of being able to connect with other Indigenous entrepreneurs while also having the opportunity to share my mission.”

Every entrepreneur thrives with a bit of guidance, and Rachael was no different. “Meg Chapman from Shopify really empowered me to feel super confident in my pitch and the mission I am bringing forth. Angus Fudge from Mastercard helped to strengthen my preparation,” she acknowledges.

As she forges ahead, Rachael’s aspirations remain grounded in Indigenous values. She believes in aligning her business with the Grandfather Teachings and the Red Road. “I also feel that Spirit works through me in magical and mysterious ways to support me in ways I could not do alone. It is divinely synchronistic!” she states.

For budding entrepreneurs, Rachael’s advice resonates with authenticity. “Just start! You are never going to be more prepared than you are in this moment. You are capable. You are worthy!”

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