PHOTO: Cohen Quash, 2022 Pow Wow Pitch Kamloopa Powwow Youth Prize Winner and Tech 4 Youth recipient.

Best Buy and Pow Wow Pitch Launch Tech 4 Youth for a Second Year

Tech Grants for Indigenous Youth to help start their businesses

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, a leading pitch competition and non-profit organization in North America dedicated to fostering Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced its continued partnership with Best Buy for the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Program.

The upcoming partnership is designed to bolster over 2,500 Indigenous entrepreneurs in 2023 through comprehensive mentorship, funding, training, marketing, and a trusted, secure community of support. This collaboration will further allow Pow Wow Pitch to extend its support for Indigenous youth via financing, mentorship, education, and technology grants.

As a Seed Partner, Best Buy supports the Youth Category of Pow Wow Pitch, offering mentorship for Indigenous youth under 19 to refine their pitches. Best Buy also plays a crucial role in the adjudication process for the Youth Category, aiding in the selection of the $1,000 Youth Prize Winner, who will proceed to the Grand Finale to compete for $25,000.

As part of the partnership, Indigenous youth entrepreneurs across Canada can submit a ‘Request for Tech’ at to apply for the necessary technology to launch and operate their businesses. Both Pow Wow Pitch and Best Buy will evaluate these requests to facilitate Indigenous youth in realizing their ambitions. Deadline to apply is June 21st, apply now!

Last year’s success with the Tech 4 Youth program brought grants to multiple Youth Prize winners from live Pow Wow Pitch events that allowed them to grow their business and receive mentorship to grow their skills.

Best Buy Canada maintains a commitment to making a positive community impact through programs and partnerships that promote tech connectivity for youth and the opening of opportunities. They strive to shape brighter futures using technology, focusing on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in all facets of their operations. Their current endeavors include enhancing opportunities for Indigenous youth across Canada via mentorship, technology grants, and direct technology experience. To understand more about Best Buy’s community efforts, visit

“Youth are the heart and future of our Indigenous community,” said Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “We need to support their potential, recognize and nurture their dreams, and provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to make them happen. That’s why we are so excited to continue our partnership with Best Buy this year in providing young Indigenous entrepreneurs with the technology necessary to take action on their dreams.”

“We are excited to once again support Pow Wow Pitch by providing technology, mentorship, and funding for Indigenous youth as they prepare to be future entrepreneurs,” said Jen Knight, Social Impact Manager, Best Buy Canada. “Last year our employees had such a meaningful experience mentoring these young entrepreneurs, and we’re proud to continue helping to amplify the amazing work being done by Pow Wow Pitch across Canada.”

To inquire for more details about the partnership between Pow Wow Pitch and Best Buy, visit