PHOTO: Cassandra Carreiro, Owner of Sharecuterie

Be the role model you never had

September 4, 2021

Semi-Finalist Spotlight on Cassandra Carreiro, Sharecuterie

Meet Cassandra Carreiro, Owner of Sharecuterie, from Shoal Lake # 40, who lives in Winnipeg. Cassandra is a Pow Wow Pitch Prairies Semi-Finalist. We sat down with Cassandra to learn more about her, her business and her reflections on entrepreneurship.

PWP: Can you tell us about your business?

CC: I started Sharecuterie a year ago to bring together my passions for food, all things local, and charcuterie. 

Sharecuterie is a locally sourced artisanal charcuterie catering and delivery service. We offer a unique twist on charcuterie boards using fresh local products. We offer everything from individual meals to catering significant events. 

Right now, we are in ‘growth phase’ as we scale to meet the demand for our product.  My goal is to expand to create a retail Sharecuterie experience.

PWP: What has been the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?

CC: Despite the uncertainty of running an early-stage business, I love when customers and media share positive reviews. 

PWP: Can you share with us some of the highlights of your Pow Wow Pitch experience so far?

CC: I applied for Pow Wow Pitch to join a community of Indigenous entrepreneurs who were going through similar experiences as me. 

I benefited greatly by being matched with two mentors, Sharon MacLeod from Shopify and Brent Baily from BDC. They were both enthusiastic about my business, which gave me confidence, and Brent supported me with communicating my financial situation and projections. 

Through this journey, I have had the chance to really reflect on Indigenous values in business and the importance of a shared commitment to collaboration. Although I don’t fit the ‘charcuterie mould’, through the Pow Wow Pitch community, we are supporting one another to thrive.

PWP: What advice do you have for Indigenous people thinking of starting up a business?

CC: You can do it!

As an Indigenous entrepreneur, I hope to inspire others by increasing the visibility of Indigenous women entrepreneurs in a city with one of the largest urban Indigenous populations.

Don’t let fear hold you back. You can be the role model you never had.

PWP: Thank you for chatting with us, Cassandra! Good luck with the Semi-Finals.

You can support Cassandra to reach the Pow Wow Pitch Finals by voting for her for the People’s Choice Prize. Click here to vote for Cassandra. You can also watch Cassandra Pitch at the Atlantic Sem-Finals Live on September 23, 2021, at 6 PM ET / 5 PM CT. Click here to register to watch.