Be disciplined and patient

August 24, 2023

Breaking Generational Curses: The Skyler Sanderson Journey with Young Visionary

For Skyler Sanderson, the Northwest Métis owner of Young Visionary living in Dauphin, Manitoba, the path to business ownership was not just a choice but a necessity. Born out of financial struggles from childhood, Sanderson was inspired to "stop generational financial challenges." 

Founded in 2020, Young Visionary stands as a beacon for all who dare to dream, persist, and break the barriers of adversity. A streetwear brand at its core, Young Visionary goes beyond selling clothes. “You are buying a story and supporting a dream,” Skyler emphasizes. The brand’s uniqueness is accentuated by its season-centric drops, offering fresh designs and colours four times a year. 

But it’s not just about clothing. Young Visionary delves into the realms of business outsourcing and motivational speaking, positioning itself as an ally to fellow dreamers and entrepreneurs. Sanderson's vision encapsulates more than personal success. "My goal is to highlight not only my success with Young Visionary but to help put others in the position to do the same," he shares. 

For Sanderson, entrepreneurship offers moments of reflection and pride. “Being able to look back and see what I've created and done with my life... I enjoy making people smile when I meet them and leaving them with a good memory," he says.

His journey with Pow Wow Pitch, a platform celebrating Indigenous entrepreneurs, has been illuminating. "Being able to meet other Indigenous entrepreneurs has been great!" he remarks. Skyler’s roots in Indigenous values shine through in his approach to business, reflecting a blend of humility, honesty, and unwavering courage amidst uncertainties.

The wisdom of his mentors, Za Al from Shopify and Angus Fudge from Mastercard, reminds him to remain calm and stay present. Their counsel? “Just relax and take it all in.” As for the lessons etched deeply in his entrepreneurial narrative, Skyler pinpoints two virtues: discipline and patience. 

For budding Indigenous entrepreneurs, Skyler's advice is,"Go for it," he urges. Amplifying his commitment to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship, he adds, "We need more of us, I am here for it and will do anything to help support." A special nod goes to Futurpreneur for their unending support in his journey.

To everyone who dares to dream and chase after it, Young Visionary stands as a testament to what’s possible with grit, resilience, and a vision that transcends the self. 
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