Artik Sponsors 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts, Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurship

April 9, 2024

Artik, Canada’s premier custom promotional products company has announced its sponsorship of the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts for Volunteers, Mentors, and Judges. This partnership underscores Artik’s commitment to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship and boosting Indigenous brands and businesses across Canada. 

Pow Wow Pitch, a grassroots non-profit organization providing resources, education, mentorship and support to Indigenous entrepreneurs, provides a safe, collaborative platform for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs, driving economic growth and cultural reconciliation.

For the past three years, Pow Wow Pitch has relied on Artik as its preferred supplier for buttons, stickers, t-shirts, lanyards, wristbands, and other branded materials. Artik’s consistent delivery of high-quality products, professionalism, and diverse options have made them an indispensable partner in bringing Pow Wow Pitch’s vision to life. 

This year, Artik has taken their support a step further by choosing to sponsor the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts for Volunteer Mentors and Judges. This decision underscores Artik’s commitment to not only meeting but exceeding the needs of Pow Wow Pitch, solidifying their partnership as a cornerstone of success and empowerment within the Indigenous entrepreneurship community. Artik’s sponsorship of the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirt provides tangible impact. 

“We are proud to stand alongside Pow Wow Pitch in their mission to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs,” said Saul Nir, Founder and CEO of Artik. “This partnership not only amplifies our commitment to fostering inclusive communities but also underscores the importance of supporting initiatives that drive meaningful change.”

The T-Shirts, adorned with the emblematic badge “I Love Pow Wow Pitch,” serve as more than just apparel; they symbolize unity, pride, and a shared commitment to empowerment through entrepreneurship. Artik’s sponsorship enhances the visual representation of the Pow Wow Pitch community while strengthening the bonds that unite us.

Naomi Sarazin, Executive Director of Pow Wow Pitch, expressed her gratitude for Artik’s generous support, stating, “Artik’s sponsorship of the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts underscores their commitment to creating positive social impact. We are honoured to partner with a company that shares our vision for empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and building a brighter future for all.”

Artik’s sponsorship of the 2024 Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirts reaffirms its commitment to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship and fostering inclusive communities. With over 35 years of expertise, Artik brings unparalleled quality and passion to this partnership. To learn more about Artik and its contributions, visit today