Advancing the well-being of Native American and Indigenous Peoples

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is working to build a vibrant Native American economy in the US by investing more than USD $25 million into Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian-owned businesses over the next three years. Through the partnership with Pow Wow Pitch, Raven is proud to be supporting the voices and brands of Indigenous entrepreneurs.

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Raven Capital is a private market impact investor. Our culturally centered approach focuses on investing in Indigenous and Native American businesses and communities.

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The Raven Impact Measurement Framework

The driving force behind our impact measurement journey is the need for us to ensure that everything we do at Raven ultimately contributes to the improved well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

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Raven invests in businesses led by, or benefitting, Indigenous and Native American communities. We invest at the early stage (typically, pre-seed, see or Series A), invest across Canada and the United States, and are sector-agnostic.

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