We are proud to work alongside Pow Wow Pitch to celebrate Indigenous innovators and business builders. Entrepreneurship is one of MNP’s core values — and, given our firm’s more than 40-year commitment to supporting First Nation, Métis, and Inuit communities, it’s hard to think many partners could be more aligned on a common mission.

MNP’s 2023 Indigenous Services Calendar

Showcasing works by contemporary Indigenous artists from across the country is a critical goal of MNP’s calendar initiative every year – ensuring the collection reflects the historical diversity of Canada, and part of our on-going commitment to Indigenous peoples, organizations, and businesses in achieving their goals. Hans Matthews of Wahnapitae First Nation community painted this scenic painting of lake ice during spring breakup.

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An Introductory Guide to Understanding Indigenous Rights

As a business or an individual, fully understanding the how as well as the why of Canadian Indigenous rights is critical to paving the way towards a successful future. MNP’s An Introductory Guide to Understanding Indigenous Rights is a great place to start this vital journey.
This is the story of how a unique set of collective rights made it into Canada's constitution.

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MNP’s Indigenous-made holiday giveaway

Nominations open for the 2023 Indigenous-made holiday giveaway!
We are excited to announce that nominations for our fourth annual Indigenous-made holiday giveaway are now open. If you know an incredible Indigenous entrepreneur or Indigenous-owned business, including yourself, who would be interested in teaming up with us to for this year’s giveaway, visit our website here and submit a nomination today!