PHOTO: Photo of Chief Lady Bird design on the 2021 Pow Wow Pitch Box

Pow Wow Pitch Box Pre-Sales Open

Pow Wow Pitch partners with Raven Reads to launch mailer box featuring products from Indigenous entrepreneurs

Today, Pow Wow Pitch, North America’s premier pitch competition for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs, announced a collaboration with Raven Reads to launch pre-sales for a limited edition mailer box featuring products from Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island. 

Each year, Pow Wow Pitch provides emerging Indigenous-owned businesses with the opportunity to gain exposure and recognition, and access support, mentorship and funding to take their business to the next level. 

In 2020, Pow Wow Pitch piloted a Gift Box, procuring products from current and former Pow Wow Pitch entrepreneurs. Following the pilot’s success, this year, Pow Wow Pitch is collaborating with award-winning Indigenous-owned and operated business Raven Reads to bring the Pow Wow Pitch Box to the next level with 500 boxes available for purchase.

Pow Wow Pitchers and Alumni will have the opportunity to have Raven Reads purchase up to 500 units of their products for inclusion in the Box this Summer. Entrepreneurs will receive training and support to pitch their products to buyers and form strategic distribution partnerships as part of their application process to be included in the 2021 Box. Pow Wow Pitch and Raven Reads will announce selected products in August 2021.

“In the context of Indigenous History Month and the uncovering of mass and unmarked graves at former residential schools across the country, entrepreneurship is an accessible form of reconciliation, empowerment, activism and reclamation for Indigenous people and communities,” said Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch. “We are proud to partner with Raven Reads and urge those who wish to support Indigenous communities to support Indigenous entrepreneurs by purchasing this year’s Pow Wow Pitch Box.”

“Raven Reads was founded with the purpose of raising awareness of our collective past in Canada, and about Indigenous cultures and economies,” said Nicole McLaren, Founder and CEO of Raven Reads. “Our business model and ability to curate, package and deliver high-volumes of products to customers provides a perfect conduit for global customers to learn more about Indigenous cultures while supporting the growth of Indigenous entrepreneurs.” 

This year’s Box features beautiful art by Indigenous Artist Chief Lady Bird. The piece selected for the Box’s design is bright, floral and represents growth, nurturing and a celebration of culture and the land. 

“Collaboration between Indigenous creatives and entrepreneurs is one way that we continue to build community, and how we show support for each other,” said Chief Lady Bird. “It is an offering of lateral love.”

Indigenous entrepreneurs can learn more about the 2021 Pow Wow Pitch Box Program here.

Everyone can secure their 2021 Pow Wow Pitch Box here.