Welcome to InstaPitch, a fun additional or alternative way to audition for the 2022 Pow Wow Pitch!

InstaPitch is a LIVE Pitch event where Indigenous entrepreneurs pitch their businesses or business ideas in one minute to the Pow Wow Instagram community. This is a great way to get noticed, gain followers and rally support around your business.

By Pitching on InstaPitch, you are automatically entered into the 2022 Pow Wow Pitch competition. Also, as part of each InstaPitch Live event, you could be voted as InstaPitch Fan Favourite and win a free Pow Wow Pitch T-Shirt, $100 cash and a $50 Nativelovenotes Gift Card!

How to Participate:

STEP 1 - Complete the form below.
STEP 2 - Book your pitch with the host.
STEP 3 - Pitch for 1-minute on Instagram.
STEP 4 - Rally your community to cheer you on.

What to Include in Your 1-Minute Pitch:

  • Introduce yourself and where you are from.
  • Tell us the name of your business and what you want to sell or already sell.
  • Tell us how you would use $25,000 to take your idea or business to the next level.
  • BONUS: Tell us why you want to do this? Who is part of your team? Your traction to date? Your vision for the future?

InstaPitch Dates:

April 14th and 28th
May 12th and 26st
June 9th and 23rd
July 7th and 21st
Aug 4th and 18th