Pow Wow Pitch


The 2020 Pow Wow Pitch Box pilot program features beautiful and quality products made by Indigenous entrepreneurs from across Canada who have participated in the Pow Wow Pitch competition. 

In addition to buying from Indigenous entrepreneurs, you will be supporting us to build the Pow Wow Pitch Seed Fund to invest in early-stage Indigenous entrepreneur-run ventures! 

What We Need & What You Get

For $125.00, we will mail you a beautiful Pow Wow Pitch Box featuring small, medium and large-sized products from six to ten Indigenous entrepreneurs from across Canada that competed in the Pow Wow Pitch! 

  • The Pow Wow Pitch Box makes a wonderful gift for you, your family, friends and colleagues. 

  • Each box features profiles of the entrepreneurs and businesses you are supporting. 

  • The Pow Wow Pitch Box makes an excellent Holiday Gift and features a diverse array of food, beverage, health, beauty and home products.


Our Indigenous vendors (so far) include Cheekbone BeautySisters SageSkwalwen BotanicalsBirch Bark Coffee CompanyUasau SoapKanatan Health SolutionsShades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats, and Kokom Scrunchies.

Your Impact

With each purchase of a Pow Wow Pitch Box: 

  • You are directly supporting the entrepreneurs whose products are featured in the box;

  • You are supporting Pow Wow Pitch to serve more Indigenous entrepreneurs with training, mentorship and experiential learning; and,

  • You are helping us to create an Indigenous Entrepreneur Seed Fund to invest in early-stage Indigenous-owned ventures. 

Pow Wow Pitch is trusted by Indigenous entrepreneurs across Canada and works in partnership with like-minded companies and organizations like RBC, Shopify, Canada Post, BDC and NACCA. 

Pow Wow Pitch is Canada's largest and most trusted Indigenous entrepreneur competition, running more than six years and led by nationally renowned Indigenous entrepreneur Sunshine Tenasco! This year, Sunshine recruited one of Canada's leading entrepreneurship proponents and public figures, Victoria Lennox, to support in the development of a sustainable seed fund to scale Indigenous-led businesses across Canada. The Pow Wow Pitch Box pilot program is part of this effort.

Why a Pilot?

We are piloting the Pow Wow Pitch Box with initially 100 units. The reason we are limiting the number of units is that 100 units is a large order for most of our entrepreneurs and this will be a wonderful opportunity for them to scale-up to fulfill their orders. Further, we want to get your feedback on the box, your experience and the products, so we can provide customer feedback to the entrepreneurs. We also want to explore if this is a feasible and scalable way in which to build and grow Canada's first Indigenous-led, early-stage seed fund for Indigenous entrepreneurs. We are testing the model.  Of course, we hope it is wildly successful and that you gush over your Pow Wow Pitch Box and tell all your friends to buy one as well! The impact of one Box can uplift a nation of Indigenous entrepreneurs!

Our Indigenous vendors (so far) include Cheekbone BeautySisters SageSkwalwen BotanicalsBirch Bark Coffee CompanyUasau SoapKanatan Health SolutionShades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats, and Kokom Scrunchies.

Please tell everyone you know about this campaign and use the Indiegogo tools to share and support! 


Sunshine Tenasco & Victoria Lennox

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